How to Have the Life You Want

I have chosen this subject because I see so many people struggling, as I once did, through their lives.  What I know is it doesn’t matter who you are, your life can change dramatically by following a few simple guidelines:  I want to offer the guidelines to those who want to change their lives.  You can have the life you want.

Some years ago, these answers for me were slow in coming.  At that point, I was desperate, sad, spiritually impoverished, and broke.  Fortunately, someone shared the ideas with me and it changed my life, my income, my bank account, my mind-set and my perspective on possibilities.  These ideas are basic and very easy to understand, it’s just that, until then, no one had mentioned them, nor set an example through their actions. 

Today is a good day, though, because my life has completely changed, my dreams have come true, my prayers answered, and continue to be answered; today, if you are interested and willing work the plan, I am able to coach you on how it’s done.

What I’m going to tell you, first, is that I’ve been able to identify four levels of personal growth, and here they are:

Four Levels of Growth:

Unconscious Incompetence:  This is the condition where you are miserably unhappy with your life and have no idea why.  You have no idea that you are responsible for the condition of your life, are blaming a multitude of things outside yourself for your problems and have never considered that the circumstances of your life are your responsibility.  You are unconscious of your incompetence.

Consciously Incompetent:  This is where you have become aware that you are unhappy and want to change.  That it probably has something to do with how you’re running your life and the decisions that you’re making for yourself.  You’ve gained the courage to admit to yourself that you are responsible for your misery, but you still don’t know what to do about changing it.  You are conscious of your incompetence.

Consciously Competent:  This is where you’re reading the advice-giving books, you’re watching videos like this one, you’re attending the seminars, you’ve become acquainted with the invisible side of life, and mainly you are applying what you’re learning.  You are forcing yourself to think properly for success, you are catching yourself when you’re not, and you are very deliberate in changing your thinking habits, you are deliberate in changing how you think!  You’re awake and you are conscious of your competence.

Unconsciously Competent:  This is where you’ve arrived!  You’ve practiced and learned the mental formula for success, and success is what you’re living daily, you no longer have to catch yourself thinking the old ‘poor me’ thought because you’re just not thinking those thoughts anymore.  Your thinking habits have changed, success has become a way of life, you don’t have to constantly examine yourself any longer; you’re already living on the high road.  You are now unconscious of your competence.

I am, surly, interested in hearing from you, and I’ll continue.

Thank you, Adrienne