How to Have the Life You Want, page 2

If you are looking for answers and you’re reading this, your story is probably similar to mine … point being … you, too, will do great things once you get the gist.

And, remember, it doesn’t matter who you are, anybody can have the life they want.

I was 29, I had been to one year of college and quit. I was married and we had a baby. We owned a small retail store that failed; and we were flat broke. The three of us lived on the top of an undeveloped hill in a trailer with no electricity and no connecting sewer. Our water came from a well with an attached garden hose. In spite of this substandard lifestyle, we still had this affliction known as “living beyond our means”, aka, Debt, with a capitol D (which makes it a noun – you know, like a controlling uninvited guest that lives with you). I remember loosing a $20 bill, it made me physically ill; I was truly overwhelmed.

My breaking point came one day. Standing outside the market was a little girl selling See’s candy – my favorite – for $1 dollar. Not having the dollar triggered my whole body into a disobedient response. Starting at my fingertips, then up my arms, I was completely chilled to the bone; I visibly shuttered. I lied to the little girl, told her I had already bought a See’s candy bar. She thanked me and stepped back.

I lumbered along my way staggering like an elderly of 90-years. I could see my car ahead, but could hardly get to it. My self-disgust practically knocked me to the ground. With my head down I avowed, “I DON’T WANT TO LIVE LIKE THIS ANY MORE!” Right then and there, I transmuted to Growth Level #2 (as described on page 1) I was suddenly Conscious of my Incompetence.

I could tell you the whole, “I met my mentor” story, but for the sake of the blog, I’m just going to go through the lessons, step by step.

His name is Mr. Jim Rohn, I made an appointment with him after one of his seminars. He asked me to make a written list of all the reasons for my existing circumstances, the reasons that made me feel so discouraged and hopeless. I have to admit, it just made me feel good that someone was interested, and especially someone of whom I believed had answers for me.

In effect, this is your first assignment.

(My intention, at this point in my life, is to help others find their way. Someone once helped me, and it changed my life. It is now time for me to help others)

It is okay if you just wish to read the blog, eventually all the information will be posted. But, if you are truly seeking a change in your life, if you are seeking to have the life you want, this step can’t be skipped over.

In part, this is how my list looked. I blamed my husband, how self-serving and lazy he was. He wanted me be the breadwinner, a full-time mother and house keeper, and a servant to him all at the same time. His constant disapproval … you get the idea. I blamed how defeated I felt by my childhood upbringing; my emotionally abusive father who, from the beginning, called me worthless, in addition to many other degrading words. He raged daily and, of course, all hostilities were my fault. I blamed other negative relatives, my lack of education disappointments, auto accidents, my pitiable neighbors. I even blamed the weather; I wad waiting for better weather!

When Mr. Rohn and I reconvened at a later time, feeling purged and very satisfied, I was pleased to give him my list.

Mr. Rohn took his time and with great interest looked over my list.

(to be continued)

Note – If you want personal help I am making myself available for private feedback – one free hour by phone or email. I understand we are creatures of habit, doing habits and not-doing habits. Everything you are not-doing right now means you are in the habit of not doing it. The only way to change not-doing habits into doing habits is to do them. Reading this blog will assist you, but it is a completely different world when you go from reading to doing. I am available to help you.